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29 May 2008

As long as I'm avoiding the rest of my sewing projects, I'll type out a list of what I'm packing for my trip to the UK. I cannot wait to try packing it up completely, just to see how everything fits.

Working Attire:
  • green twills (for those heavy-duty days of working amid briar patches)
  • navy workout pants (which don't make noise when I walk and which dry out quickly; good for those days in the mud)
  • gym shorts (also serve as jammies)
  • 2 tee-shirts (also serve as jammies)
  • 2 tanks (to facilitate better tan lines since I don't want a really dark farmer's tan for Kris's wedding)
  • 3 pairs of socks
  • sneakers
  • wellies (big and bulky but necessary; at least I can pack squishable things within them)
  • jacket or hoodie (the North country especially gets chilly)

Touring Attire:

  • red skirt
  • brown tank
  • black tank
  • blue knit dress
  • brown shrug (this can be wadded up in my day bag and retrieved for those chillier times or those times in a cathedral)
  • ivory cardigan
  • 3-4 scarves (an absolute must, in my opinion)
  • tie-up shoes (these served me well last summer as they are comfortable and hardly take up any room in my bag)

Then those extras:

  • disposable rain poncho (yes, giving up style for utility)
  • swimmer's towel (tiny and unsatisfying but practical)
  • bathing suit (for those beautiful clear lakes in the Lake District)
  • undergarments (six total...and that's as much detail as I'll go into)
  • toiletries, consisting of deodorant, contact lens solution and case, 2 pairs of extra contacts, 2 razors, and SPF 50 sunscreen, tweezers, bobby pins and hair bands, and a few other things
  • Advil Liquigels
  • electric plug adapter and voltage converter
  • camera battery charger (the only thing we need a converter for, darn it)

And for my day bag:

  • travel toothpaste and toothbrush
  • travel Bible
  • Complete Works of Shakespeare (as this uses about 5 pt. font, it's quite tiny)
  • camera (holds around 1000 pictures, so that should do for all three of us)
  • journal/sketch book
  • fun read
  • water bottle
  • flip flops (for those hostel showers and some casual touring days)

Meagan, LeeAnn, and I have divided up the toiletries so that we pack as efficiently as possible. That's why I have not listed such things as shampoo or laundry detergent (we'll be washing out our clothes quite a bit!)

I may have to update this list once I check how I'm doing for space, but when I packed a trial run a few months ago, everything fit, and since then I've pared down the list even more. How's all that for 7 weeks?

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