07 May 2008

I finished my classes today and with them, my last assignments for quite awhile. My final project was acting a scene from classical literature, so Meagan and I decided to try the opening scene from Antigone, the second play of Sophocles' Theban trilogy. I played Ismene and Meagan played Antigone, which suited our personalities rather well, for Antigone is bold with her ideals while Ismene is grounded and meek.

Oh my sister, think-think how our own father died, hated...

yes, if you can, but you're in love with impossibility!

rest assured, wild irrational as you are, my sister are truly dear to the ones who love you

These lines still swirl through my head when I am still. I suppose I could say that art marches on, transcendent, but I don't have the strength for that, Ismene would say.

Now it is time to catch up with my reading.

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