of sewing and birds

29 May 2008

Well, there it is, the biggest task awaiting my return home: sewing my bridesmaid dress for Kristen's wedding. I leave for the UK in less than two weeks and I'll return with only a week to spare before the event, so I must get this done now. At least I've already done the hardest part of the whole dressmaking process, fitting the pattern and making a muslin mock-up, but somehow it's still daunting indeed. I am particular about my seam finishes--the inside must look as neat as the outside and the dress must not require much fidgeting to look right once completed. In fact it must require very little because I'll have better things to think of during that time.

Then I still have a bit of sewing for the England trip. I've made a simple knit dress for easy traveling (knit doesn't wrinkle much)--a pattern I've drafted all by myself and made with only one yard of fabric: a whole dress with only one yard! I love those projects which use up every scrap so that, once the project is completed, there's nothing left to store. I'll need to finish up my day bag, an over-the-shoulder type big enough to hold my journal/sketch book, travel Bible, and daily baguette and cheese and water bottle (reusable, of course), yet still inconspicuous and easy to maneuver through the crowded Tube stations and trains. And then I'm toying with the idea of making a wide-brimmed hat. One made out of fabric could be stuffed into my backpack well enough, and hats are so good for protecting the face, neck, shoulders, and hair from the sun. But that won't be high on my priority list. Last I just have to replace a kinked zipper in one of my beloved skirts. Oh yes, and I need to sew buttons on one of my cardigans, too. I guess there's more to do than I thought.

As I write, a bright red cardinal keeps alighting on my room's window sills--he likes both of them. He hops around, checking the view for only a second or two before diving straight down. He looks like he's falling. I hope that I can catch a picture of him. Perhaps he's scoping out a good place for a nest? Or is nesting season already over now?

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