have you come across this video yet?

29 August 2009

Here is a video that is at once dark, intriguing, and stimulating: it's called Epic 2015. Have you seen it yet? It looks at our use of the internet and the blurring boundaries between personalization and power. Go see it--it's only about ten minutes long.

What did you think?

Media does influence the way we work and think, and it is good practice to consider how the internet affects us now and how it might affect us in the future. For example, consider how the telegraph changed our discourse and the way we relate to information (see Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman for the original presentation of this concept). News was no longer limited to proximity, in a sense resulting in the “annihilation of space,” as Postman calls it. By and by, information became delocalized, more abundant, and, consequently, less relevant (frankly I’m not as affected by something that happened to someone I’d never heard of who lives somewhere I’ve never been as by reading about something that happened to the woman I see every week when I buy my groceries). This video addresses that problem we face of information inundation and trivialization with its focus on the fabricated “Googlezon,” a merge between Google and Amazon that allows for total customization of content that, in a sense, makes irrelevant information relevant again. Its intriguing presentation seems to address the need for balance between customization and privacy.

peace in the window

26 August 2009

A little bit of peace in a hectic world

when all that remains is to watch and wait

and to turn over and do it again.

gearing up

22 August 2009

I'm slowly getting into the swing of things around here--seeing a little bit more of campus day by day, browsing more local shops, gaining familiarity with public transport. Life here is feeling smoother.

Nerves are starting to set in for classes, however. It's been over a year since I was in school, and I feel my thinking powers and time management skills have gotten rusty. That, and my computer rebelled against the new school year yesterday by contracting a virus; poor thing is now at the computer help center for a couple of days undergoing a manual cleaning. I'm just grateful it happened before things really pick up. Really grateful.

But here's to a fresh week, a fresh semester, and a fresh computer.


19 August 2009

I think M and I have everything we need to make the apartment feel like home--to both of us. We hit up Charlotte today for a round of Ikea, Bed Bath and Beyond, TJ Maxx Home Goods, and Target and returned to Carrboro with the little car packed full of furniture and bedding and mirrors and kitchen accoutrement. I can hear her hammering away at her dresser now.

I'm terribly excited about my purchases as well: quart-size coffee press (now more than one can enjoy coffee at a time!), Misto oil sprayer (no disposable aerosol spray can for me), and a full length mirror (so that's what those shoes look like with that dress...). It feels good to have all the errands completed and the time to settle down to a cup of hot tea and a cookie.


17 August 2009

Well, I'm back online and back in NC...and now I have roommates! One is a cat, both are delightful, and I think we'll all get along well.

So what's up for the next few days? Finishing up that ever-present upholstery job is hitting the top of the priority list as well as scheduling a nasty Td booster shot with campus health...oh and buying textbooks because someone says I have classes starting up soon? Seriously?

But I'm so excited to begin studying again. M and I walked around campus yesterday and it really is gorgeous--I'm especially excited about Manning Hall, where all of my INLS classes will be. As I didn't bring my camera I haven't got any photos to share, so you'll just have to take me at my word that it really is picturesque.

Oh and should you come to visit anytime soon, we'll have to get frozen yogurt at the Yogurt Pump off Franklin. That's really good stuff.

my little place

04 August 2009

Welcome to

my little place

in Carrboro.

living room shelves by you.

dining room by you.

kitchen by you.

kitchen canisters by you.

here's a close up of one my favorite spots in the whole apartment--complete with my ever-present clear glass canisters and mixing bowls and things I love to use.

bed by you.

I still have much to do before I'm finished dressing up these various niches, but I couldn't wait to share what I've done thus far. I think I was made to set up house.

Later on this month (when I have internet at the Little Place), I plan to give you a proper tour, replete with details and chatty household tips. Stop on by in about a month!