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30 July 2011

  • finished (as much as one can say "finished") fitting my bodice sloper; it's only taken me three years
  • transcribed a letter written by a UNC chemistry professor in 1861; although it contains all-too-familiar references to lost friends and loneliness, Kimberly writes with a fair bit of humor as well, especially when discussing his limited fare and the garrulous Mrs. M--
  • drafted my first sleeve sloper using Donald McCunn's How to Make Sewing Patterns (1977); I broke into smiles when I beheld my finished pattern, and the amount of ease I added made for a perfect seam when sewn. It seriously brought joy to my heart! Unfortunately, it's not very comfortable when I move my arms, so it's back to the drafting board...
  • composed a PSA for UNC's WXYC radio advertising the Civil War Day by Day
  • finished my first draft of CWDxD's classroom resources page (update: see the page here)
  • ate lots of peaches and strawberries
  • boosted my HTML vocabulary with new linking codes
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