This Week I ...

27 June 2009

  • worked 50 hours
  • ticked off a lady at Hancock's who used the adjective "smart ass" to describe those of us who were helping her
  • was called "really pretty" by a little girl at Hancock's
  • finished reading Anne of Green Gables (L.M. Montgomery) and fell in love with Gilbert all over again
  • started reading Winesburg, Ohio (Sherwood Anderson)
  • continued reading Tolkien: a Biography (Michael White)
  • finished every bit of nasty paperwork associated with the upcoming school year--including my loan application and financial aid consent form
  • finally finally finally sent in my thanks-but-no-thanks letters to University of Kentucky and University of Maryland
  • painted my computer cart a disappointing green
  • used the amazing new copier at the Crisis Pregnancy Center which duplexes, sorts, and staples the wad of papers one shoves in it
  • found some fabulous deals at local thrift stores including a tea pot and a large glass canister ($3.19 for both) and a J. Crew sundress ($2.25)
  • recovered my dining chairs
  • am just beginning to understand the attitude of thankfulness

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