This Week I...

16 June 2011

  1. saw my mom and little sister, Kathryn, off to England for two weeks. Their itinerary and preparations dredged up memories of my own two summers in the UK--oh to go back!
  2. ate a fresh apricot--doesn't taste like dried!
  3. became enamored of dyeing fabric after viewing Shabd's work
  4. made iced coffee concentrate following Pioneer Woman's directions
  5. have been enjoying Wilson Library's blog, Civil War Day by Day
  6. made a pattern from my go-to readymade tank and sewed up two versions
  7. am fixing to draft sailor shorts like this Kwik Sew version DixieDIY made
  8. continued my ever-looming thesis research with Levinson's Digital McLuhan
  9. started listening to the cute and insightful Saturdays with Stella: How My Dog Taught Me to Sit, Stay, and Come When God Calls

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