The Onset of Panic and Baguettes

25 August 2010

The school year's arrived, and I'm finally living under a schedule again. I had all three classes yesterday, all on the third floor, and all taught by women. Now I'm trying to tease out a routine from the blob of syllabi I received, setting up my readings and ordering my textbooks and admonishing myself to keep up with the assignments. I am not behind yet.

This afternoon, however, I was floored by an email insisting I reapply for in-state tuition by the 30th, or I risk paying out-of-state for the semester. Now, having already paid this semester's bill and encountering no problems, I was alarmed by this new hurdle and, after the obligatory burst of panic and tears and wretched I'm-going-to-have-to-quit-school-because-I-can't-afford-it mental spasms, I calmly emailed the registrar and asked for clarification.

It was just a general reminder to all UNC students. Crikey.

I decided to make bread. Computer aside, I worked the dough I had made yesterday into two baguettes, slashed them, and slipped them onto hot stones to bake. A few crusty, still-steaming slices and some tomato salad later, I feel restored and am ready to settle down to my research articles and texts.

Simple Tomato Salad:

2 pints grape tomatoes, chopped
A handful of pitted olives, chopped
1-2 tablespoons dried basil, ground
A handful of red onion, diced finely
A couple handfuls of cheese, shredded

Mix ingredients and store in the fridge.

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