Word File

18 November 2009

lachrymose: sorrowful or tearful.

example: "That was a stirring speech you gave in there, Mr. President."
"Mighty indeed; we can but do our duty to safeguard democracy, Mr. President"
"...protect the peace..."
"clean it up in no time..."

"Mr. President?"

"Mr. President?"
"Mr. President?"
"Hmm? Oh, yes of course," he roused himself; "peace. We must be strong in the months ahead. Yes...such is our duty..." He looked up and I was startled. His eyes were rimmed with shadow--haunted almost, as if every brave word he recited were treading some deep lachrymose well.

We shuffled uncomfortably out, and as I closed the door softly behind me, I saw him put his face in his hands and weep.

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