getting closer to school...

09 May 2009

The Academic Common Market of VA just informed me that I'm eligible for instate tuition at UNC-CH. What a relief! Now I still need to contact the school and talk over the financial matters with them, but I am happy to know that I'm at least eligible.

Kristen and I are driving down to Chapel Hill on Monday to scope out the area and, most importantly, housing. I'll be so glad to have her guidance, for she's shopped for apartments many a time, and I've never done so. This year I'm only hoping to find some place that's reasonably safe and reasonably close to campus (biking distance, por favor?), but next year I hope to find a nicer, unfurnished apartment that I can set up as my own little nest, filled with the furniture and household items I've been collecting for years now. It will be so nice to use them!

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