26 August 2008

I am really feeling antsy here on the outskirts of the city where cars and stores and all the interlocking noise and stuff that makes a city exists. I have to get myself into the country.

But that's not easy. Where's a girl like me supposed to find a home with a budget of well...little? I'm working on my resume so that I can start seeking jobs and get the salary part taken care of, but while I do that, I'll apply for part time jobs in this area as well. I have to make do with city-living for a little while yet--dare I say a year or two? (shudder) before I can think about relocating to the country. That is what I will pour myself into now that I am back from Chicago and both Kristen's and Hannah's weddings are behind me--not to mention my UK travels as well.

Discontent is pricking me, I know; I am not satisfied with my suburban lifestyle. But that discontent is goading me to change how I've always lived for something simpler now, something drawn with fewer brush strokes so that the picture declares with strong bold lines the epitome of what it is. I must press on in hope for the future, but, Lord, let me not overlook the present.

I've found this wonderful magazine publication called MaryJane's Farm which encourages readers to delight in the simpler organic things--beit the vegetable garden, the treadle sewing machine, the skillet supper. MaryJane loves the outdoors, so her work provides a path out into the country while I am stuck in the city. You can find her work at www.maryjanesfarm.com.

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